COME AND HAVE A LOOK AROUND      Sunday 10th September 2017


Presently, the cemetery is kept locked due to vandalism and its unstable condition. Many of the tombs have been broken open, the ground is uneven and the boundary walls unstable. Work is ongoing to remedy this, but until the site has been stabilised we unfortunately cannot allow unescorted access for the usual boring issues linked to Health & Safety...

The next Open Day is planned for Sunday the 10th September 2017 between 2pm and 4pm. This is to include both the Dissenters Cemetery and the Jewish Cemetery. Tom and Rob will be on hand to talk about the Dissenters Cemetery and walk around, and Keith Pearce will be there to talk about the Jerwish Cemetery and the Jewish Community in Cornwall. We also hope to have an audio trail be provided to help you get a feel for the Folk burried at Ponsharden.


See you there.......

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We have hundreds of visitors at each open day, but there is no need to book... Just turn up. Directions to the site can be found on our contacts page.


If you are driving to us, please park in Sainsbury's carpark and not at the top of path to the cemetery as this blocks access to a private driveway.


See you down there soon!



Whilst we have taken huge steps in making the cemetery safer, visitors should be aware of the hazards still existing on site.


The ground is very uneven, and in places there are broken headstones at just the right height to trip you up. Low, rotting tree stumps are dotted across the site, and the rusting remains of iron railings around the vaults are particularly sharp. Several of the graves have caved in and two have been robbed (i.e. dug up) in the past, leaving holes loosely filled with rubble.


Please keep your wits about you when you visit us, and ensure children are supervised. We are not liable for any accidents and you visit the site at your own risk.


Above is a rough guide to the area surrounding the cemetery. Parking is available at Sainsburys and the path to our site is on the bend leading up to the store, through the trees.



We recommend you come to the open day armed with a copy of our book, which can be purchased HERE. It contains biographies of every person who has a monument on site, as well as a history of the cemetery.


However, if you have not had time to order a copy, we have put together a brief spreadsheet summarising the names found on each headstone. We recommend you download it (by clicking HERE) and print it off to bring with you. It is nowhere near as comprehensive as the book, but it will keep you distracted during your visit!


Whilst we do our best to provide information for everyone who visits the cemetery, it can get very busy and our leaflets disappear fast. By bringing either the book or spreadsheet along, you can be sure to get the most out of your visit.